Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2014


For the introduction, I just want to letting you know that finally I'm back to the blog world and becoming blogger again!!! :D i'm so glad to write my first post to share what i created before.
How's your day? I hope everything is okay especially for today on your weekend. 
During did my final project, I did designed my own jacket that I call it with "TRAMP". My concept for this jacket of course not far from rebel style. I like wearing rebel style in my every outfits and as everyone know, that style is familiar with denim right? that's why I did created this jacket to accompany me outside. Tramp also has acids style at some sides and I hope it will makes this jacket doesn't look ordinary.
So what do you think about my tramp? I hope you'll enjoy my first post in my new blog :)

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